An Odyssey of the North. Audiobook.

Jack London. An Odyssey of the North: Stanitsa Audio/ Read by Honored Artist of Ukraine Oleg Lepenets.
Северная Одиссея. Аудиокнига.
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ISBN 966-7039-12-9

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A short story by the famous American writer Jack London (1876-1916).

The Alaska Peninsula was discovered by the Russians in 1732 and became a distant American province of the Russian Empire. Russia ceded Alaska and the Aleutian Islands to the United States in 1867.

Shortly after, in 1896, gold was discovered on the banks of Bonanza Creek, which flows into the Klondike River. This event gave rise to the Klondike Gold Rush.

This dynamic and vivid story describes life and customs of Alaska of those times.

Length: 1 h. 21 min.

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