According to Article 9 of the Law of the Ukraine On Protection of Consumer Rights and the list approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Ukraine, printed products of good quality cannot be exchanged or returned.

Upon receipt of printed Products at points of self-pickup, you have the right to make sure of the proper quality of the Products and demand replacement of the Product, in case of detection of such defects:

  • damage to the cover;
  • damage to pages;
  • defects in the printing of text and /or illustrations, making it impossible to read the text or the perception of illustrations;
  • damage to the file when downloading Products in electronic form or inability to download the file (see: Guarantee of receiving the electronic edition).

Inadequate quality printed Products that have manufacturing defects are subject to replacement at the expense of the Seller. For the exchange of such Products, please contact in any way available in the CONTACTS section of the Site