El Invierno de Gunter /Зима Гюнтера

Juan Manuel Marcos. El Invierno de Gunter: DIGLOT. In Spanish with parallel literary translation into Russian.
Зима Гюнтера
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ISBN 978-5-8218-0029-3


Step into this unusual tale of love, grief, friendship and hope.

The events described in this novel relate to the period of Stroessner military dictatorship in Paraguay.

Along with the amazing fate of the heroes, the reader will discover the history, geography, culture, public and private life of Paraguay, as well as becoming acquainted with its state structure, education system, religion and the fundamental features of the national character of its inhabitants.

The literary translation of the Spanish text into Russian contributes to a better understanding of the original work. Parallel text rendering helps the reader to gain more vocabulary faster and to better consolidate it in memory. This reduces the need to use a dictionary, saves time and does not distract from reading.

This edition will be useful both for Russian-speaking readers learning Spanish and for Spanish-speaking readers learning Russian.

For those who are interested in the challenges of literary translation, the book will be a valuable teaching aid.

Pages: 393

Spanish, Russian parallel
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