An Odyssey of the North / Cеверная Одиссея

Jack London. An Odyssey of the North: DIGLOT. In English with parallel literary translation into Russian.
Cеверная Одиссея / An Odyssey of the North
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ISBN 978-5-8218-0022-6


This book by the famous American writer, Jack London (1876-1916), contains one of the most eminent short novels about the life and customs of Alaska during the so-called ‘gold rush’.

Parallel literary translation of the English text into Russian promotes better access and understanding of the original.

In order to speed up a vocabulary acquisition some English words and expressions with their Russian equivalents are made lighter in colour along with their Russian equivalents. The English words are provided with transcription given in the margins, whereas the Russian equivalents are provided with their stress indicated.

This edition will be of interest and use for both native Russian speakers who study English and for native English-speakers who study Russian.

Pages: 101

English, Russian parallel
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