The Prince and The Pauper / Принц и нищий

Mark Twain. The Prince and The Pauper: DIGLOT. In English with parallel literary translation into Russian.
Принц и нищий : историко-приключенческая повесть.
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ISBN 978-5-8218-0025-0


A dazzling story based on a historical plot by the classic writer of American literature, Mark Twain, about the young king of England Edward the Sixth. The work was written in 1881. However, even today it remains one of the most beloved bright adventure works in the world.

A parallel visualization of the unadapted English text with its literary translation into Russian contributes to a better understanding of the original work and enables accelerated vocabulary acquisition and its consolidation in the reader’s memory. In general, this reduces the need to use a dictionary, saves time and does not distract from reading.

The book will also be useful for native English speakers who study Russian.

This edition includes the author's notes and is provided with the publisher's notes to the text.

Pages: 367

English, Russian parallel
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